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​"mind, body & soul alignment"

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Mon-Thurs 10am-7pm (916) 879-1793

Sessions are conducted via telephone which means it does not matter where you live. I have conducted sessions with people from as far as the Seychelles, just off the coast of Africa. 

1 session :                                        $200

Three (3) month program:         $149/per session 

(12 sessions - 1 session per week)

*All sessions are 60 min long conducted via telephone.       24 hour noticed required to reschedule. 


​​Donation Program:

Giving back to those in need of help and financially can't afford it. 

One of the toughest lessons I've learned in life is to be willing to ask for and receive help from others. And most importantly not to judge myself as weak and wrong for doing so. No matter what any of us thinks, none of us do it all alone. 

This program is designed to assist those who are truly in need of my help and can not financially afford it. I keep 3 weekly slots available for those seeking help at a reduced rate. I will conduct your session for free and then the client can donate based on the value they received from the session or simply whatever they can afford. 

To apply for review and acceptance for one of these 3 spots please answer the following question in the form below and submit them:

1. Please describe your situation and challenges you      are currently seeking my assistance with. 

2. Please describe your financial situation and why you need to participate in the donation program.