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"For as long as I could remember I had a fear of flying which included crying, panic attacks and avoiding flights when possible.  Driving everywhere gets old and tiring.  At age 35 I had never flown alone and it had prevented me from reaching goals, experiencing adventure and joy.  I was sick of letting fears dictate my decisions. I had heard of Danny from my sister where they had attended the same Master's program.  He had helped her when she was very ill (which was miraculous to say the least).  Being tired of driving longer distances and sick of being scared...  I signed up for 4 sessions with Danny which turned out to be life changing.  I gained deep insight into my beliefs and value systems.  I learned how aspects of these old beliefs were not serving me and how they actually had served me.  Most importantly, I took on new beliefs and feelings about myself that added freedom, joy and peace to my life.  I learned that my fear of flying was related to traumas and experiences in my life that needed healing.  Through the help of Danny and his loving energy I was able to clear and heal my fear.  I had tried other modalities in the past to clear my fear with out help, but his process truly worked.  I did cry on the airplane during take off and landing, but this time they were tears of joy and excitement that I had shown up to conquer my fears.  I was actually having fun!  I have continued to work with Danny regarding other aspects of my life and the results have been just as amazing.  Thank you, Danny!  I highly recommend his healing work."

                                  - Andrea Telfer 

Client Testimonial

I love being on the water sailing with my race team "Wolfhound" (red boat)

Danny's journey back to radiant health....

Danny suffered a near fatal accident in the line of duty as a peace officer. While attempting to apprehend a parole at large Danny was stuck halfway hanging out of the suspect's vehicle while drug in reverse for approximately 115 yards and then slammed into a light pole going approximately 70 MPH. 

Danny spent several years suffering from debilitating pain and was told by several doctors that he was permanently disabled. At this point Danny pursued alternative methods for healing his body and during that process learned a tremendous amount about the power of his mind, energy work, and the importance of a healthy environment and lifestyle. Danny’s mind, body and soul quickly began healing itself and today he lives a happy and healthy life. Through his long journey and healing process Danny discovered that his true purpose and calling in life is to share his experiences and awarenesses to help others also achieve a greater level of happiness and wellbeing in their lives.

Sailing through life...

It's such an incredible rush and experience to be out in the massive ocean working in cooperation with nature and my teammates to achieve our goal. Which is so symbolic of my journey in life and learning to surrender to the universe and work in cooperation with it, verse in resistance of it.  Moving into acceptance of "what is", yet taking dominion over how I relate and respond to "what is".

​Sailing is my metaphor for life:

Before sailing to a destination you check the winds, tides, currents and plot your course from point A to point B or Z if there's multiple destinations along the way. When you get out into the great wide open sea it is very humbling and you realize that you are just one small drop of water in this massive ocean and there truly is a higher power at work so delicately orcastating this symphony of a world we live in. 

In life we often set goals, create expectations and chart or course for our future, i.e. schools, professions, relationships, etc. and like in sailing there are winds of change. In sailing you understand that when the winds change you must work in cooperation with "what is". Sometimes the winds my even stop and you seem stuck. As a sailor, like in life, you can either live in resistance and be upset about "what is" or you can move into acceptance, course correct and choose to enjoy the journey and all it has to offer. After all it's about the journey, not the destination :)   

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